What’s Not to Love: Black and Gold

I know, I know, it’s meant to be What’s Not to Love Wednesday, but chaos has reigned supreme at the Glowology Household for the past couple of weeks, so do forgive me as I bring you this post on a Thursday instead! And, seeing as chaos is still running amock – with decorators all over the house, WiFi being ‘mistakenly’ disconnected by electricians and nutty dog hiding tradesmen’s tools in his basket – or eating them – this will be short and sweet. Still, fabulous nonetheless: The delight of black and gold

source: lacooletchic via Pinterest
source: lacooletchic via Pinterest

As you can see from this gorgeous image above, the two colours are perfect partners as although black can be stylish on its own, a touch of metallic gold can turn it from sombre to strong, bringing it alive and giving the look a timeless elegance and class. A gold chain on a black bag, a buckle on a belt or boots or a statement watch, it’s a naturally chic combination, don’t you agree?

What’s Not to Love?

Friday’s Fabulous Beauty Flash

nicole sch gold eyeliner

I love looking at beautifully made up eyes and am aware of the stunning transformation a few different shades of shadow can make. But honestly, since I’ve had the kids, although I love makeup – and as a beauty journalist, it has been a big part of my career – I’ve never really taken the time to experiment with new looks. There always seems to be something more pressing to tend to, so the fail safe black mascara, dark brown liner and, possibly if I’m going out, sweep of neutral or brown shadow has been my look du jour – et le soir. Continue reading

What’s Not to Love Wednesday: Next Home Accessories

main image

On Monday, I popped into my local branch of Next to see if they had any suitable gift ideas in the homes department. I wasn’t holding out much hope as, although I’d always liked the children’s bedding, Next wasn’t usually a store I’d think of for my homewares or gifts. Well, well, well…I can now say that I have honestly completely changed my opinion and not only did I find multiple lovely gift ideas, I also left with bags of lovely stuff for my home too.

APOLOGY ANNOUNCEMENT: Sorry Stressed Husband, I know I haven’t shown you the purchases yet, but please be happy – the items look a hell of a lot more expensive than they actually are…promise. 🙂 Continue reading

5 Winter Gloom Busters


In the Glowology household at winter, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are a family of cave people as we grunt our inaudible morning greetings on the landing and it’s me, in particular, that loses that summer spring-in-my-step round about mid October. With this in mind, I decided last year that as moving to an all year round sunny climate is out of the question – and for the sake of my poor, suffering family – I’d have to get a grip.  So, for the first time ever – I’m definitely coping better with the lack of light and here’s why: Continue reading