Meditation for Calm and Happiness

mediation pic

Always on the lookout for things to help give life a little extra glow, I went to a meditation workshop at the weekend with a good friend. At first I was a bit worried because this friend and I have been asked to leave exercise classes before due to uncontrollable giggling, so we are perfect partners for catching a comedy show or having a good night out, but a meditation class? Well, it could’ve been a disaster, so we had to promise each other we would act like the proper grown-ups we are. We also sat ourselves near the exit so we could make a quick getaway if we had to chant, as we knew that OM-ing would probably tip us over the edge. Surprisingly enough though, we were very sensible and floated out of the workshop on an air of calm serenity. Continue reading

Teaching our Teens the Meaning of Beauty


My lovely teenage girls

When I read about another young life in turmoil – or even tragically ended – because of low self-esteem or distorted body image, I want to weep. My heart breaks for the teenagers out there who sit alone in their room, scrolling through malicious and dangerous websites and online forums that spew forth destructive words and images which somehow seep into innocent minds, convincing our young that they are fat, ugly, disgusting, unpopular, useless… Continue reading

Over to the Darker Side

Lisa's new hair colour

I wasn’t born blonde, but aged about 10, over the space of the six weeks summer holiday, a mixture of sunshine and swimming pool chlorine magically transformed me from a mousy haired tomboy to a flaxen, tanned beach chick. It was this new hair colour – I believed – that got me my first ever dance at the disco with dishy Dean. I didn’t care that my hair had literally been bleached and almost destroyed (it squeaked when I touched it!) by the sun and chlorine. It was blonde. I became popular with the boys. End of… Continue reading

Let’s Hear it for Bloggers over 40!


Starting a blog in your forties can be pretty daunting. Especially when you look around the ‘blogsphere’ and see that it’s brimming with effervescent, bright-as-a-button 20 somethings who have their artfully manicured fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. So, what’s a 46 year old mum with suspect taste in glittery/leopard print stuff and a love of feel-good things to do? Give up and say “oh well, it’s their time now, best I pack away my creaky old ideas and get back to the kitchen sink”? Hell, no (although it has crossed my mind a few times since starting Glowology). What is my blog about if it’s not about helping us ordinary, fabulous women in our 40’s and beyond feel vital and relevant in today’s ‘obsessed with youth’ society? And no matter how insecure or unsure us over 40’s might sometimes feel, this round up of my favourite, brilliant over 40 style bloggers, shows that we have something those whipper snapper, young ‘uns haven’t got (and it’s not just hot flushes) It’s life experience! And that alone makes us worth listening to…so read on!  Continue reading

6 Reasons to Jump for Joy in January

Image: Toast
Image: Toast

There’s a lot of doom mongering surrounding January and, to be honest, I’ve never been a fan. We don’t need researchers to tell us it’s the most depressing month of the year, the time we’re most likely to succumb to the big, black dog of the doldrums. This year though, I’m getting tough and I plan to face January head on: So what that we’ve had a ‘little’ rain and the days are short and dark? And so what that the pounds I’ve piled on so quickly over Christmas will take so much longer to shed? And so what that my car got clamped on January 1st and I had to pay £100 to get it released? I’m inviting you to join me in not letting January stand in the way of making us feel good. There are reasons to keep smiling – and it’ll be over before you know it! Continue reading