Superdrug Skincare Surprise

B. set of products

As a teenager I was able to try anything on my skin without a problem – bargain basement suncream, cheap as chips foundation – no problem. Then, in my twenties and without warning, I tried a brand of face cream which I’d used a hundred times before but, instead of getting the glowy skin results I’d had with it previously, I looked like a puffer fish with very bad sunburn and a bad case of acne on the side. Nice. So, like an estimated 50% of the population I joined the sensitive skin sufferers. Since discovering Clarins moisturisers and also my favourite facial oils which mostly contain natural, organic ingredients, I’ve been able to prevent an outbreak of PFF (puffer fish face) but I’ve always been wary of buying anything other than what I knew my skin was okay with. So, this post is about my latest fabulous skincare find. I couldn’t wait to share it with you but I wanted to finish the whole jar without a hitch before reporting on its results and as I’m now happily on to the second jar, here it is: Continue reading

Summer Beauty Favourites|Part 2

Me and Stressed Husband chilling in Devon
Me and Stressed Husband chilling in Devon

I love August. Not just because it’s my birthday month but because it’s the time when we take full advantage of the warm weather and try to escape the stresses of a busy work and family life by having a couple of lovely long weekends away in Devon. But I even adore the weekends spent chilling at home where we are lucky to live just by the river – and we take full advantage of the quaint riverside pubs as our Facebook check-ins will testify! We’ve been so spoilt this year with the glorious weather and as a Leo sun lover, it has delighted me no end; you won’t catch me complaining that it’s too hot!  So to keep me looking and feeling as glorious and bright as the sunshine, I’ve got a few more fabulous summer beauty must-haves which I promised to bring you in my last post – you can read it by clicking here if you missed it… Continue reading