Fitness Review on SpeedFlex 30

Speedflex fitness

I’m fortunate that as a beauty and wellbeing journalist, I’m often asked by PRs to try a variety of products, treatments or classes that might be suitable for review in one of the publications I write for – or also on my blog. And with Glowology beginning to pick up the pace and get noticed in the industry thanks to my lovely followers and readers – that’s you! 🙂 – I can report back on the things that I’ve enjoyed and that I think you – as 40+ gorgeous, glam women (and men) – would be interested in knowing about. So, last month I was asked to try out a revolutionary new fitness class, Speedflex 30 and here’s my take on it…

Disembarking at Bank Underground Station at lunch time felt a bit like walking onto the set of Wolf of Wall Street. I felt decidedly under dressed in my Sweaty Betty day glo vest and sporty capri pants and hoped the SpeedFlex HQ wouldn’t be too far away. With the smartly dressed throng around me and with my rather ample thighs and tummy not quite under control in all that lycra, I felt as if I was doing the walk of shame! So, sunglasses on, I power walked the 5 minutes to the gym to give myself an air of confidence.

I soon realised that this was a gym like no other I’d visited before – there were no free weights, Stairmasters, rowing machines or bicycles but simply 2 spacious studios each housing seven black, rather stylish machines which looked totally unfamiliar and fairly space-agey. I found myself humming the theme to Star Wars as friendly fitness instructor, Hayley got me set up with a strap on heart monitor which would display my heart rate on a studio screen in order to check my progress during the workout. I was intrigued!

After a comprehensive consultation and a demonstration of the machines, the class began to fill up with such a wide variety of types I felt I could almost have been standing in a supermarket queue rather than a trendy studio in the heart of London. My surprised expression, prompted Hayley to explain that because the machines are hydrolic – meaning they respond to the force of the user as opposed to the addition of weights – the system allows for a professional athlete to train alongside a pensioner and there is no risk of injury. Ahh, that explains it! And the major benefit of these machines means there is no damage to muscles and little to no soreness after workouts. That’s a major plus for me as I’m often known to be limping around moaning about aches and pains for days (weeks) after a hard fitness class.

speedflex crunch

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the small group class – especially as we were all so different in shape, size and age that there was a feeling of friendliness and encouragement rather than competition. The athletic fitties haven’t been overlooked at Speedflex though as I noticed a beefcake competition in full force in another studio…well, it was hard not to look!

My thirty minute class consisted of circuits using each machine for a duration of 20 seconds with a buzzer indicating when to change. I huffed and puffed my way around, pulling and pressing, squatting and stretching against my own resistance, realising I could work as hard or as little as I wanted depending on the effort I put in – the machine matched my resistance. Moves such as arm lifts with kettle balls and crunches were interspersed between machines to ensure a full body workout. There was a point when I looked up at the class screen only to see my heart rate was blank – I knew I’d been working hard but I didn’t feel like I was a gonner quite yet, so I was relieved when I realised my monitor had simply unhinged itself! Phew…


After the thirty minutes was up, Hayley congratulated us all for working so hard and called out our progress statistics – the monitor showed us how hard we’d worked individually in which particular section of the workout as well as how many calories we’d burnt. I had squatted, lunged and military pressed my way to burning up a whopping 500 calories in 30 minutes with the proof in black and white. I’d heard Speedflex could become addictive – and now I understood why!

This is the ideal exercise for people who have a lot of weight to lose but don’t know where to start, those who have been injured and are trying to get back to health as well as those who just want to work as hard as they can without the risk incurring or aggravating injuries. The fact that the class was only 30 minutes was a bonus as I felt it eliminated the excuse not to give it a go due to time restraints.

For information contact Each class costs £30 or £150 per month. 33-36 Lombard Street, London EC3V (0844 543 363)

Let me know if you give it a try it!

Over 40 Celebrity Beauty Spotlight: Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall lead photo

Can you believe Jerry Hall is 58? She looks incredible doesn’t she? I’m not sure if she’s one of those who say ‘oh, yes I’ve tried Botox once, but didn’t like it so haven’t done it since’. How many times have we heard that line in interviews with oddly Benjamin Button-esque, age reversing celebs? It’s as if celebrities of a certain age know that we know they’ve done something and so by letting us know they’ve done it ‘just the once’ then, despite their frozen in time shiny forehead, rabbit nose lines and the fact they’ve only aged a month in 10 years, we will put it down to their incredible fountain of youth genes. They’re all natural…only did Botox the once you see? Hmmm, of course they did. 

Anyway, Jerry looks fab. Whether she’s in the Botox brigade or not…she’s very natural looking. I kind of agree with her feature in the Daily Mail on Monday about not wearing beige if you want to look good in your 50s. Although I confess to loving a bit of beige – I think it suits me because of my fairly olive skin –Jez is right in that it can be an unforgiving shade and, as we age, our complexion needs something a little more vibrant to stop it looking like a bag o’ dough. The same goes for black which can also start to look unflattering and a little too harsh against certain skin tones. I think once we reach 45, it’s a good idea to take stock of the changes in our skin and hair and it’s probably the ideal time to invest in a colour analysis session which is something I’ve been thinking of doing with some friends. Once I get my act together and actually do this, i’ll let you know how I get on.

I also love the beauty tips Jerry’s mum passed down to her, such as slathering olive oil onto hair and body once a week to keep it supple. I have an arsenal of oils (see picture for proof) which I switch and use day or night, when I feel my skin needs extra hydration. I would like to think of adding Jerry’s full body oil treatment to my beauty routine but I can bet, just as I’ve basted myself, I’ll pick up my iphone to check texts and it’ll slip out of my oily hands and smash on the floor. Plus, my bonkers dog sheds black hairs all over the house and I can’t imagine it being pleasant having to pick them off oily limbs. It will need to be a bathroom only affair. But the new oil of de jour has to be coconut oil doesn’t it? Its beauty and wellbeing benefits are everywhere at the moment and one of my favourite bloggers, Vicki, over at Honestmum swears by it as her miracle go-to product for everything from healing scars to replenishing the hair and skin with goodness. And let me tell you, if it can help get me hair and skin like hers, then I’m all for it!

arson of oils

As for fashion, I think I’m into growing old semi-disgracefully. I don’t want to go the whole hog ‘look at me, my tits are at my knees and my gut is on my ankles and I’m still rocking a leopard print cropped top because I’M MEEEEE!’ No, I’m not that much of a nutjob, but I do still like to shake it up a little with my vintage snakeskin boots and a pleather trouser now and then. Regardless of what my kids think, I am 47 – not 107!

snakeskin boots

What’s your take on looking good as we age then? I’d love to know!

Back to Blonde


Amanda Julca via Pinterest
Amanda Julca via Pinterest

This summer, to complement the much loved Ibiza boho look, I’ve been favouring laissez faire hair – namely, sunkissed, beachy waves that look relaxed and glam and give the impression that you haven’t tried too try hard. Well, that’s what it might look like, but I can’t tell you how many follicles I have frazzled over the years in the pursuit of just the right shade of Bondi beige streaks! I must admit that although I’ve loved having darker hair for the last few months, I just feel like I’m meant to be a blonde – even if my roots don’t agree. This summer, I went lighter again but by adding scorching sunshine, sea and chlorine to the mix – my newly blonde locks began to look more straw than silk. Thankfully, I’d heard about a new super conditioning treatment that was better at smoothing hair than a Brazilian blow-dry, so I tucked my frizzy mess under my trilby and headed to Town.


Eleven Hair is a couple of minutes walk from Bond Street Station and is very much the typical Mayfair salon with stylish statement lighting, cool music and even cooler hairstylists dressed head to toe in black. I was impressed with the array of beverages on offer from various blends of tea and coffee to white wine, beer and gin and tonic and, seeing it was a Friday afternoon, was tempted to accept a nice cold glass of wine until I breathed out and realised how tight my jeans had become from over indulging on holiday, so I settled for a still water (honest). As I sat down I  noticed a slightly offensive odour underneath the tinge of hairspray that took me back to the days when my hairstyle de jour was Meg Ryan’s crispy permed bob in When Harry Met Sally. I looked around to spot the culprit with the bubble perm but there was nothing but sleek styles atop of this clientele.

Just as I was pondering on the pong, my chair span around and I was face to face with Gleb, a charming and professional young stylist who asked lots of questions about my hair’s past and excitedly told me how pleased he was that Eleven are the first salon to have the brand new Japanese Diamond System in the UK because the results on clients so far have been fantastic. As he tried (in vain) to run his fingers through my hair, it was obvious that I am the ideal candidate for this new treatment. My hair is coloured, over processed and, due to over styling and sun damage, not in its best condition.

After washing my hair with clarifying shampoo to remove any remnants of build up that might prevent the absorption of the Japanese Diamond products, it was rinsed and ready for some TLC. Gleb applied a selection of specially formulated deep conditioning products to my hair section by section. The thick goop that was stroked onto my hair smelt fresh and clean and while I relaxed, Gleb explained that the 8 products in the Japanese Diamond System include repairing and protecting ingredients such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Oil, Silk, Cranberry and Lavender.

For the next step, Gleb placed a pane of perspex underneath each section of hair and ran a hand held ultrasound device from root to tip. Apparently, the ultrasound technology works with the products’ naturally derived ingredients to rejuvenate and restructure the hair from the inside out and the pane of perspex works to reflect the ultrasound waves, locking the ingredients deep into the hair shaft. Finally, my hair was rinsed and quickly blow-dried. I was staggered at the shine on my hair – it was something I hadn’t seen for years!

Although it’s a bit pricey at £85 – you also get a blow-dry and the effects last up to 2 months. Even after washing my hair a couple of days later I only needed a flick of the hot brush and a touch of serum to keep it looking in fantastic condition. A couple of weeks on, I’m still getting compliments but it does need a little more help to look as good as it did when I left the salon but I will definitely have this treatment again.

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