Anti Ageing Hair Tricks

after hair

That ‘just stepped out of a salon’ feeling is just the best isn’t it? I popped into my regular, fantastic little salon – The Chiswick Salon – the other day for a cut and highlights that were well overdue – as you can see in the first picture below. I went in feeling a bit under the weather as I’d not been sleeping too well – and came out feeling fresher and fabulous with a definite skip in my step.

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Be Happy with the Skin You’re in!

Image: Toast
Image: Toast

I felt compelled to write a quick post on self esteem to the women or girls out there who might be feeling crappy about themselves because of the hurtful and ignorant words of Loose Women’s Jamelia. In case you don’t know, she said plus size clothes shouldn’t be available on the high street and women should be made uncomfortable when they go in a clothes shop and can’t find their size! Really. She said that. Continue reading

The Lush Spa Synaesthesia Treatment

Lush soap

From the very first time I plopped a fizzing Bath Bomb into my bath and sat there smiling like a loon as the sweet aroma enveloped my skin, I was hooked on Lush! Who wouldn’t love a company that produces natural, handmade cosmetics with quirky names and formulas like Dirty Toothy Tabs and Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bars? It may sound a little bit Willy Wonka bonkers but, so what? It works! So, as I wandered down the King’s Road a while back, I thought I’d pop into Lush and try their Spa – could the Synaesthesia Treatment I’d heard about live up to the weird and wonderful Lush reputation? Continue reading

Teaching our Teens the Meaning of Beauty



My lovely teenage girls

When I read about another young life in turmoil – or even tragically ended – because of low self-esteem or distorted body image, I want to weep. My heart breaks for the teenagers out there who sit alone in their room, scrolling through malicious and dangerous websites and online forums that spew forth destructive words and images which somehow seep into innocent minds, convincing our young that they are fat, ugly, disgusting, unpopular, useless…

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