Review | Boots Time Delay BB Cream SPF 15

Time Delay BB Cream

So, it’s back to work after the long weekend. This, plus the windy, rainy weather means there’s a bit of a negative vibe in the air and I admit, it took me longer than normal to hobble hop out of bed this morning. However, my day has cheered up considerably since trying out one of my beauty buys from the weekend so I thought I’d share it with you…

I have long been a fan of Boots Time Delay Instant Lip Plumper and wrote about my love for its glistening gorgeousness here a long time ago. Many lip glosses later and this is still up there with the best of them. So on a recent visit to Boots to stock up on my beloved gloss, I noticed their BB Cream and as I’ve recently run out of my favourite Clarins one, I thought I’d give it a go.

BB cream arm

Pleasantly surprised is an understatement! This morning, I squeezed a little blob of the creamy coverage onto the back of my hand – see cute little heart shape blob above 🙂 – and set about my morning ritual of trying to hide imperfections like broken capillaries and blemishes while hoping to get an even toned, smooth complexion which looks hydrated, as flawless as possible at my age yet not too obviously made up. Well, Boots Time Delay BB Cream did the trick and some!

I was really surprised at the excellent coverage – the texture was quite thick but smoothed on and blended really well, giving my skin a really soft, dewy look without looking cakey – or fakey! 🙂 The Medium shade (it comes in Light too) was perfect for me, just adding a subtle radiance – my skin but better basically. It contains Vitamin C and hydrating ingredients so acts as a skincare treatment and makeup in one

Not sure if this would be ideal for those with oily skin as it is quite moisturising, but for more mature or dehydrated, dry skins, this is great and really good value for money at £11.99 here at Boots.

I would say it really does give my Clarins, (which, looking on the internet, you can find from around £24 to £30) a definite run for its money. The BB creams are very similar in texture and Clarins wins points with its higher SPF 25, but I feel the Time Delay probably covers flaws more evenly, so I will be buying it again!

Has anyone else tried the Boots Time Delay BB Cream or is there another you absolutely love? Let me know as I’m all about the BB Creams for summer skin glowability! 

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