My Super Balm | Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Balm Multi


When I come across a brilliant little beauty buy like Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Balm Multi (take a breath); it often becomes as close to me as my iPhone. This means that at any time during the day – or night – it will be found either in my pocket, clutched in my hand, on my desk, or safe in my bag de jour.

Wherever it is, it will be in close proximity and never out of my sight!

Why do I love it so? As you know, most of my biggest beauty loves are multi purpose, time saving and easy use and this is no exception. Having recently been revamped from ‘glam balm’ to ‘glam balm MULTI’ its bumf says it has ‘been redesigned with with High tech Alp Rose Stem Cells and 3D Hyaluronic Filling Spheres to increase cell vitality and quickly reduce the look of fine lines.’

This, plus its skin protecting vitamin C, smoothing salicylic acid and softening shea butter means I use it as a deep hydration boost at night, on nude lips as a salve or as a glossy top coat over lipstick, to nourish hands and cuticles and as a touch of sheen over lids. I even mix it with a not-quite-dewy-enough-for-me foundation.

before and after using Rodial glam balm.
before and after using Rodial glam balm.

As a comparison, it’s a less balmy balm than Elizabeth Arden’s best selling Eight Hour Cream – I think it feels more like a mixture of moisturising cream with just a  touch of waxy balm, if you know what I mean?

It worked particularly well on my sun drenched skin while I was away in Spain recently and it will take pride of place in my cosmetics bag on my girls weekend away (coming soon!).

As Rodial say, it has 100 different uses making it your handbag beauty must-have with a difference! And I really couldn’t have said it better 🙂

It costs £35 from here and I think it’s totally worth it.

My Top Beauty Bargains | Saturday Savers



If my own habits, and the sight of heaving stores and malls is anything to go by, I guess that Saturday is probably the busiest day to get your wallet out and hit the shops. Before you do, check out the latest and greatest beauty bargains that I’ve found just for you…

St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower: I’ve been waiting for feedback on this easy peasy bronzing method and latest news in as that it’s great – subtle, easy and foolproof, so I’m bagging it! Luckily, Boots have this gradual tanner with £4.83 off it’s usual price and it’s now just under a tenner at £9.67. Click here.


Father’s Day Fragrance: If you’re looking for something last minute for your very own Super Dad, then Superdrug have come up trumps with their Star Buys. There’s a whopping 50% off the refreshing and classic Davidoff Coolwater Man Eau de Toilette Spray 75ml, now £20 down from £40. Click here. Or if you’re after a more sultry scent, BOSS Bottled Night Eau de Toilette 200ml is down to £40 from £80. Click here.


Solait Suncare Super Saver: Superdrug are really coming up trumps lately. I really like their Solait range of suncare products and this 200ml bottle of Solait Sun Lotion SPF 50 is worth stocking up on to keep all the family protected – if and when the sun shines! It’s just £3 from its usual £7.99. Click here. And it’s worth checking out the other suncare offers while you’re there!


The Body Shop Summer Special: The new Body Shop special edition skincare range got my attention just with its name…Virgin Mojito. Always one to be tempted by anything with the name of a cocktail, I’m even more impressed with the refreshing sounding ingredients…extracts of zesty lime and fresh, crushed mint from the Caribbean mmmmm! Better still, at the moment there’s 30% off when you spend 10 and use the special code. Click here.

Feelunique-Summer-Sale-50%-off Summer Sale: When I’m looking for some lovely beauty brands at super prices, I often log onto – it really is hard to beat if you’re looking to nab a deal on a higher end brand. So, I had the shakes when I logged on and saw it has up to 50% off in its Summer Sale! There’s too many treats here to mention to you and I’m sure you’d like the enjoyment of looking around and seeing what’s there yourself, but I must flag up this little favourite. I love facial oil and Trilogy 100% Natural Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is one of the best I’ve used and there’s 10% off. It’s now £14.85 from £16.50 and there’s also free delivery. Click here.

I hope you liked my little round up of beauty bargains and if you find any I don’t know about, please let me know! Happy Shopping 🙂

QUICK BEAUTY FIX | NIP + FAB Dragon’s Blood Fix Cleansing Pads


Nip+Fab Skincare Goodies

When a product I’ve been kindly sent from a PR has me hyperventilating because it’s nearly finished, I know I have to let you know about it because it has to be good! And when it knocks time off my beauty routine, well, then there’s even more to shout about…

NIP + FAB Dragon’s Blood Fix Cleansing Pads were sent to me in a lovely package along with some other products (more news on these coming soon) and caught my eye immediately. I was about to go on holiday and needed an easy carry, easy to use cleanser and these dinky pads came up trumps!


Being somewhat slovenly – the-faster-the-better products often get a thumbs up from me even though I feel a bit guilty. You see, as an established beauty writer, I’m not sure I should admit this because I do realise that a comprehensive skincare routine such as a ‘double cleanse’ and all the other skincare steps is probably preferable for ultimate skin health, but I’m sorry, sometimes…ain’t nobody got time for dat!

I did wonder whether I would rue my choice of cleansing as my skin often doesn’t agree with some of the slap dash cleansing wipes available, but these little beauties are enriched with salicylic and hyaluronic acids to deeply cleanse pores and hydrate too. Plus its witch hazel ingredient is a gentle astringent which leaves skin feeling refreshed and zingy.


The pads are quite ‘juicy’ so after swiping them across my face and lashes (they seem gentle enough for me to do this) I am left with quite damp skin which I then blot and leave for a few minutes before applying a moisturiser and/or serum.

Being slightly pedantic, there is one little downside in that they are quite small, so sometimes – on a heavy makeup night – you may need to use two to get a thorough cleanse of the whole neck and face..or maybe that’s just my moon face? Anyway, that aside, my skin feels extra clean and looks brighter after using these pads and so I’ll definitely be stocking up. And seeing as Boots has a tremendous 50% off – from £9.95 down to £4.97 – I’d better be quick before you nab them all!

Oh I do love a bargain – and a beautiful one is even better! 😉

Fabulous Facial Alert | HydraFacial

me in the sun I try not to moan too much and like to keep my blog and social media platforms full of upbeat and motivational type content. But, you know, I’m real and sometimes the Pollyanna in me goes AWOL. It was the result of a ‘woe is me’ type tweet, where I mentioned how my skin was playing up due to the adverse effects of living in a building site, that got me a very kind invitation by highly regarded skin clinic Waterhouse Young to pop in for a facial. Don’t mind if I do!

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Thicker Hair in Just One Spritz!

thick hair

Not often do I come across a product that makes me go ‘What? how did that happen?’ but this hair puffer upper did exactly that! 

Nanogen hair thickening spray

A quick spritz of Nanogen Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray, £9.95 really gives locks volume, oomph and lift all without leaving it feeling sticky or stiff as cardboard. You can use it on dry hair to pump up it up in between washes or on damp hair before styling for ultimate lift. 

What’s the magic behind it? Well, this clever little spray contains a polymer and sea salt (the number one ingredient for volumised beachy waves and perfect festival hair). The polymer helps lift roots, coats hair strands making them look and feel thicker. And, what’s great is, it also includes proteins and moisturisers to prevent that crispy feel!

There are lots of other hair thickening products in the range which I haven’t personally checked out but I’ve heard great things from fellow bloggers, so if thin or limp hair is a problem for you, have a look at their website here

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*PR Sample

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