My Super Balm | Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Balm Multi


When I come across a brilliant little beauty buy like Rodial Stemcell Super-food Glam Balm Multi (take a breath); it often becomes as close to me as my iPhone. This means that at any time during the day – or night – it will be found either in my pocket, clutched in my hand, on my desk, or safe in my bag de jour.

Wherever it is, it will be in close proximity and never out of my sight!

Why do I love it so? As you know, most of my biggest beauty loves are multi purpose, time saving and easy use and this is no exception. Having recently been revamped from ‘glam balm’ to ‘glam balm MULTI’ its bumf says it has ‘been redesigned with with High tech Alp Rose Stem Cells and 3D Hyaluronic Filling Spheres to increase cell vitality and quickly reduce the look of fine lines.’

This, plus its skin protecting vitamin C, smoothing salicylic acid and softening shea butter means I use it as a deep hydration boost at night, on nude lips as a salve or as a glossy top coat over lipstick, to nourish hands and cuticles and as a touch of sheen over lids. I even mix it with a not-quite-dewy-enough-for-me foundation.

before and after using Rodial glam balm.
before and after using Rodial glam balm.

As a comparison, it’s a less balmy balm than Elizabeth Arden’s best selling Eight Hour Cream – I think it feels more like a mixture of moisturising cream with just a  touch of waxy balm, if you know what I mean?

It worked particularly well on my sun drenched skin while I was away in Spain recently and it will take pride of place in my cosmetics bag on my girls weekend away (coming soon!).

As Rodial say, it has 100 different uses making it your handbag beauty must-have with a difference! And I really couldn’t have said it better 🙂

It costs £35 from here and I think it’s totally worth it.

And Breathe…A Few Days Away

imageI’m off! It’s only for a few days but it’s going to be a great few days 😀


I’m taking a break with Stressed Husband, Little Teen and two of her pals to Spain. What will I be doing?

Sleeping under the shade of the beach umbrella, drinking cocktails, eating the fresh delicacies of Spain (plus plenty of  icecream!).



I’ll be catching up with Stressed Husband and laughing at the antics of my ever growing, hilarious youngest teen.


I’ll be planning, chilling and dreaming of what is in store for the future.


And most of all I’ll be grateful for having this breathing space in a beautiful environment and reminding myself how lucky I am.

See you soon!

Teaching our Teens the Meaning of Beauty



My lovely teenage girls

When I read about another young life in turmoil – or even tragically ended – because of low self-esteem or distorted body image, I want to weep. My heart breaks for the teenagers out there who sit alone in their room, scrolling through malicious and dangerous websites and online forums that spew forth destructive words and images which somehow seep into innocent minds, convincing our young that they are fat, ugly, disgusting, unpopular, useless…

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Kick Start to Fitness

If you’re lacking a little motivation, this post from the past might give you the kick start you need to get fit. Keep going!


women running Image credit: andresr / 123RF Stock Photo

For those women over 40 who haven’t exercised since school – or for those of us who start with good intentions but consign the trainers to the closet after just a couple of trips to the gym – this blog post is for you! I’ve asked my own ‘Mrs Motivator’, Anny Hooker, fitness expert from Personal Best Studios, for her top tips to give us a kick up the flabby derriere and get us exercising regularly…

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Meditation for Calm and Happiness

Remember to take a breath when life gets stressful! These tips will help 🙂


mediation pic

Always on the lookout for things to help give life a little extra glow, I went to a meditation workshop at the weekend with a good friend. At first I was a bit worried because this friend and I have been asked to leave exercise classes before due to uncontrollable giggling, so we are perfect partners for catching a comedy show or having a good night out, but a meditation class? Well, it could’ve been a disaster, so we had to promise each other we would act like the proper grown-ups we are. We also sat ourselves near the exit so we could make a quick getaway if we had to chant, as we knew that OM-ing would probably tip us over the edge. Surprisingly enough though, we were very sensible and floated out of the workshop on an air of calm serenity.

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What’s Not to Love Wednesday: Next Home Accessories

main image

On Monday, I popped into my local branch of Next to see if they had any suitable gift ideas in the homes department. I wasn’t holding out much hope as, although I’d always liked the children’s bedding, Next wasn’t usually a store I’d think of for my homewares or gifts. Well, well, well…I can now say that I have honestly completely changed my opinion and not only did I find multiple lovely gift ideas, I also left with bags of lovely stuff for my home too.

APOLOGY ANNOUNCEMENT: Sorry Stressed Husband, I know I haven’t shown you the purchases yet, but please be happy – the items look a hell of a lot more expensive than they actually are…promise. 🙂 Continue reading